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Artificial Intelligence is the new cool. Software development is getting even more complex than before, and there is increased pressure on companies to produce high functioning software within their time limit, objectives, and budget. Continuous testing to make such high-quality products is becoming tricky as it often requires a large testing team of experts, which many companies are unable to acquire. The goal is to run more tests, detects any bugs as quickly as possible and deliver to your customers when due. Artificial Intelligence is the key to optimizing software testing and Development.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Test Automation makes software testing easier than it already is. As it is not human-powered, its capacity exceeds that of any team of experts. It can detect bugs faster and more efficiently within a short period. It is also capable of extensive testing without needing a large group of experts.

Rocketlab specializes in setting up Artificial Intelligence-powered test automation for your company if you do not already have it. If you do have it, we offer support in managing and ensuring this technique's proper setup.

Advantages of AI in Software Testing:

Exceeds Limitation of Manual Testing

Artificial Intelligence allows for software testing of many cases at the same time. Virtual sets of 10s or 100s, or 1000s can communicate with a system.

Improved Accuracy

Artificial intelligence is more effective at detecting bugs in a system within a time limit.

Improves Test Coverage

The scope and depth of software testing can be improved by Artificial Intelligence-powered test automation.

It is Time Efficient

Artificial Intelligence-powered testing can reduce testing time from days to just hours

Reduces overall cost of testing

AI automated tests can be run repeatedly, from low price to zero at high speed with no additional cost.

Offers support to both the testers and developers

There is more accessible communication between testers and developers on fixing bugs quickly, resulting in high-quality products.

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