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Why ALM Octane?

ALM Octane is a single platform with a modern user experience to fully manage your software development projects
Device independent
QA Infrastructure
DevOps Tool
Release Management
ALM Octane Overview - Rocketlab OÜ
Quality is Everywhere
With ALM Octane you can add your testing activities to any stage of teh software development lifecycle:
Backlog > Development > Testing > Pipelines > Traceability
One Tool for all
ALM Octane brings benefit to your organization for any developement project on both projects methods agile and classical.
For only Test Management and test execution the Quality module is a comprehensive management and organizational tool to meet all your QA requirements.
Different Needs - Different Editions
ALM Octane comes in a Pro and an Enterprise Edition whereas the Enterprise edition provides full featureset. There is a SaaS edition as well as on premises.

A full overview of the editions and their features can be found on the Micro Focus ALM Octane Site.

ALM Octane - Full Pipeline Support - Rocketlab

Full Delivery Pipeline Support

ALM Octane´s Pipeline module supports collaboration with many other tools throughout ober all stages in software lifecycle management.
Code Change
Execute Tests
Commit into SCM
Deploy Application
Build Application
Monitor & Feedback
Requirements to IDE

Create your requirements (user story, features, tasks, …) in ALM Octane and directly assign them to the developer who can see them in his IDE (ie. Eclipse, IntelliJ, VisualStudio) for example in form as  Gherkin.

Pipeline Support

Use the Pipeline feature to route your test execution either on CI/ CD pipeline like Jenkins, Bamboo etc. and receive back test execution status to fill your reports.

Continuous Testing & Deployment

Integrate ALM Octane into your continuous delivery environment, deploy using Serena as an example and monitor each stage in a fully flexible and customizable reporting dashboard.

Analytics and Full Reporting

With ALM Octane you have a comprehensive analytics and reporting tool at your hand together with all other super useful and innovative features ALM Octane provides.
In depth Analytics
Dashboard Customization
Analysis Overview
Test Stages Reporting
ALM Octane Failure Analysis - Rocketlab
You are a PM, PO or Test Manager and you want to bring in a tool that covers all Management requiremetns for a full software development lifecycle.
This workshop is an excellent opportunity to get an overview and experience some modules and features in more depth.
Workshop Schedule
You have your own playground (evaluation license on SaaS) and experience yourself what you have learn in the tutorial sessions.
After the turorial day you can deeper dive and explore full functionality.


After this workshop you are now aware of the power and feature set of ALM Octane.
You know how to start a project from scratch and how to manage your test team over the all testing stages within the software dev lifecycle.

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