Functional & Mobile Testing

Fulfillment of all requirements for an application

Functional testing is a test to prove that software works as it should. It is an essential step in software development as it validates the software against functional requirements. It verifies that every function of a software or application does what is specified in the Technical Requirements.

Functional testing checks existing links, database connections, forms, search engines codes and cookies. To do this, operations are performed using cases or workflows to compare the output with the expected result.

test agility planning

Establish test plan (scope, duration, strategies), meetings, test reports, agility strategy.

agility review

Periodical review of the test progress against the set milestones.

release readyness

Review of the increment to be delivered and decision whether it is ready for deployment.

Cookie Testing

Cookies are text files stored on the user’s computer that contain small pieces of data. They are used to monitor your computer and to support sessions. During the functional tests, the application is tested with cookies enabled and then disabled. A new EU standard should put the user to choose whether or not to accept these cookies. Since it can be assumed that some users will not accept cookies, the behaviour with cookies disabled should not lead to errors. The application must run error-free and in a predictable manner.

Testing existing links

All links are checked. This includes internal links within the application or website and external links that go out of the application or website. The aim is to clear any existing deadlines before going live. Also, links from teasers, target sites, landing pages of ad campaigns, newsletters etc., are checked. During operation, these links can be monitored using appropriate tools.

Web Form Testing

Functional tests are carried out on forms to ensure a smooth exchange of information.


Search engines love valid code. This makes functional testing of valid HTML/CSS integral to your website’s performance.

Database Testing

Functional testing includes database testing because data consistency is essential in web applications.

Prerequisite for functional testing

Implement functional testing

Execution of functional testing

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