Managed QA

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We offer Quality Assurance Management to companies that lack the experts to handle this. When you have big projects with too little staff, your QA/ Test services can be outsourced to us.

Importance of Quality Assurance

By managing your Quality assurance, we can help your company create products and services that meet your customers' needs, expectations, and requirements. Our quality assurance program's standards will ensure that any bugs or errors are detected and fixed in time.


  • Test strategy – to ensure that the product has best quality by applying most compatible types of testing, tools, approaches and all risks have their mitigations

  • Test plan – to have a control on when, how, by whom the testing is performed and be sure that the product is delivered in time with desired quality
  • Test scenarios and test cases – to have a structural approach of testing knowing that the product is verified in a proper way by all team members

  • Continuous testing – to implement QA standards and approaches throughout SDLC from the requirements to product support

  • Test data management – to be sure that real data will not make any faults after delivery to the market

  • Tools selection – to use best in class tools and services for product testing and quality assuring

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