QA Consultancy

Optimize the quality of your product

QA Consultancy is integral to product development. Quality assurance (QA) is the systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements. Some companies do not have any testing/ Quality Assurance at all, which is where we come in. Rocketlab implements this into their environment, and if already existing, we optimize it. We also implement test automation if not there.

Quality assurance ensures the efficacy and reliability of your products. It increases your company's credibility and reassures customers of your trustworthiness. With QA Consultancy, Rocketlab can help you figure out and maintain appropriate requirements for developing world-class products.


  • We conduct chain of sessions with stakeholders and key product team members to understand current situation
  • We analyse processes, tools and approaches including product artifacts utilizing years of experience in assuring product quality


  • We provide with complete QA strategy and suggested improvements in QA processes, tools and testing environment as well as templates for critical artifacts
  • We manage strategy and improvements implementation to ensure that the goals are met

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Rocketlab offers you experience and knowledge from numerous projects of global companies.

Our test experts have diverse knowledge in numerous disciplines to ensure holistic test coverage of highly scalable industrial applications.