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Why Remote Test Management is Beneficial For Your Company.
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Remote work is becoming more popular in different industries. Sometimes, it is a preferred option to maximize performance, and other times, it is the last option when offshoring is not possible or practical. Either way, remote work is here to stay, and remote test management nearshoring has become a popular testing option for many companies.


Companies consider nearshore software test management when outsourcing their QA process beyond their geographical location (to a nearby country) without compromising their team. A nearshore test management is an established relationship between a client and an organization from a nearby country, usually within a 1-2-hour time difference. It creates an agile environment and allows you to work with an expert QA partner like Rocketlab without disrupting your team’s workflow. There is no hard and fast rule on how to employ nearshore test management – it can be used to replace offshore test management or to complement your inhouse team. Regardless, nearshore test management is proving to be a beneficial option in the software industry. It is bound to gain more popularity in the near future as it offers a perfect balance between onshore and offshore test management.

Advantages of Nearshore Test Management

1. Agility


Testing does not have to delay the development cycle, and nearshore test management ensures this. You can outsource QA management to a competent team like Rocketlab and create an agile environment where both teams (development and testing) can communicate, share ideas and solve problems in real-time. This maintains a high standard of development without disrupting your team. Nearshoring is especially useful when expert testing is unavailable to you in your country, and offshoring might prove ineffective. Rather than halting the development process, it ensures its continuity and maintains the standards you set out to achieve. 

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2. Increased Productivity 


By outsourcing your test management to a remote QA team, you increase productivity for your team because they can focus on development without distractions. Having to deal with onsite testing can be laborious and eventually cost you more time and money. Nearshoring reduces that burden while maintaining an established workflow. This will increase software quality while staying within budget.



3. Early Involvement


When you employ a nearshore QA testing partner, you can bring them in the early stages of development and test alongside the development process. This is a significant advantage because your team can start reviewing test scripts as early as possible and fix any errors before it becomes a bigger deal. There is bidirectional communication with nearshore test management as both teams can send and receive feedback on test scripts and implement any necessary adjustments.


4. Faster Resolution 


Unlike offshore test management, nearshore allows for faster resolutions of questions, doubts, or errors. This is because the nearshore team collaborates with the offshore team, providing more opportunities to communicate virtually and share solutions. Because nearshore locations are typically not far from the onshore locations, it is also easier for stakeholders to meet in person, hence fostering a smooth problem-solving approach.


What to Look Out For In a Nearshore Team


So, you’ve decided to partner with a nearshore QA team. It is important to choose the right partners with the expertise to achieve a seamless testing process and overall development. Before collaborating with a nearshore team, you should ensure that they have the right tools, technologies, and frameworks for the job. Some essential questions to ask include:


  1. What framework will you apply for this project?
  2. Can you design your framework to suit our specific wants and goals?
  3. Is your framework reusable?
  4. What does your track record with other clients reveal?
  5. What is your approach to giving feedback?


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Besides having the expertise, it is also crucial to check that your partner will protect your sensitive information. In this light, some questions to ask include:


  1. What security measures are currently in place to protect our data?
  2. Do you meet the current industry standards and accreditation?
  3. How do you store confidential documents?
  4. Do your employees undergo any security training?

Rocketlab for Nearshore Test Management

Rocketlab is your number one stop for nearshore test management because we help you achieve your goals while staying within your budget. We have experience in this area and an impressive list of satisfied clients that reflect our excellence. As your nearshore QA partner, we work with you and not for you, almost as if we were standing next to you. We offer a wide range of software testing, including API, GUI, and automated testing. Our nearshoring service provides you with a team of experts who take off the burden of testing while allowing your team to carry on with the development cycle. When you think nearshore test management, think Rocketlab!

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