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Security testing is an invaluable practice. Any loophole in your software system could spell disaster for your company as it may result in a loss of data, revenue, clients, reputation, and even have legal implications. Security testing, as the name implies, checks that your system is protected. It uncovers any vulnerability within the system and ensures that your data and resources are protected from intruders. The goal of these tests is to find any vulnerabilities, threats, risks in a software application and prevents attacks from intruders. Through this process, we ensure that an information system protects data without compromising on its intended functionality

With this procedure, we ensure that an information system protects data without compromising its intended functionality.

The six basic security principles covered by security testing include confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation. Rocketlab focuses on significant areas when carrying out security testing for you, and they are network security, system software security, client-side application security, and server-side application security.

Types of Security Testing:

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is carried out with the use of automated software. This software scans the system and detects any known vulnerability pattern. A vulnerability is any weakness that a threat actor can exploit. This threat actor could be internal or external, and our security testing ensures that they do not have access to your system.

Security Scanning

Security scanning can be performed both manually and automatically. First, it identifies any weakness within your network and system then provides solutions to these weaknesses or risks.

Penetration testing

An attack on your system could cost a lot. This test checks your system behaviour towards an attack. To do this, an attack from a malicious hacker is simulated. The testing involves an analysis of your system to check for potential weaknesses to an external hacking attempt.

Risk Assessment

There are low, medium and high risks in every organization. Risk assessment analyzes these risks to minimize them as much as possible.

Security Auditing

This is a powerful practice to maintain the integrity of a system. Security auditing refers to an internal inspection of applications and operating systems for security defects.

Ethical hacking

This is not the same as malicious hacking. Ethical hacking means hacking an Organization Software system to expose any security weaknesses in the system.

Posture Assessment

This is a combination of security scanning, ethical hacking and risk assessments. It reveals the overall security posture of an organization.

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