Top of Swiss Tech Leaders

Clutch Award 2022 - Rocketlab among Top 10 reliable firms in Switzerland!
Clutch Award 2022 - Rocketlab among Top 10 reliable firms in Switzerland!

Rocketlab Launched to the Top of Swiss Tech Leaders List

We are excited to have been chosen as one of the leading quality assurance and testing companies in Switzerland by Clutch!

Armin Haller, CEO of Rocketlab


Clutch Award 2022 - Rocketlab among Top 10 reliable firms in Switzerland!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been named a leader among Switzerland tech firms on Clutch!

A B2B ratings and reviews site, Clutch highlights top performing agencies from around the world. By conducting in depth client reviews, gathering information on each project, and collecting extensive market data, Clutch’s team of analysts are able to identify some of the most reliable firms in the biz.

In doing so, they’ve helped countless companies find the right partners for their upcoming projects. It’s an honor to receive this award because it means that we’ve delivered high quality results for all of our clients!

TaaS is about one thing—quality. If your product doesn’t work perfectly, then what’s the point? 

That’s where we come in—with an impressive average 4.8 out of 5 star rating, we’ve proved that we can consistently deliver high-quality results and ensure the effectiveness of your product.

We’ve become leaders by listening to what our partners truly need. Yes, we look for bugs, but we also think holistically about your product so that your target audience gets exactly what they want.

The quality of our work has also helped us earn a spot on The Manifest’s directory of Swiss developers! A valuable business resource, The Manifest gathers survey data, how-to guides, and business insights for entrepreneurs around the world.

You can learn more about B2B service providers in Switzerland by visiting Clutch’s sister site, Visual Objects. A visually-driven platform Visual Objects is a centralized source where you can find portfolios for potential business partners. There, you can assess each vendor based on the quality of their work alone.

With a team dedicated to quality, you’ll get the best by working with us. To collaborate on your next extraordinary project, write to our team online. We’re looking forward to new partners and new challenges!